Cadet Clubs


George Mason University ROTC is involved in many activities both on and off-campus.  Being in the Washington D.C. area offers our Cadets a unique opportunity.  We have done visits to the capitol building and local areas of interest that would not be available anywhere else.  Additionally, there are extracurricular teams that are available for our Cadets to participate in.  They stress camaraderie, discipline, and physical fitness.  The bonds that you will incur overtime will be irreplaceable.  Take a look below to see some of the events and teams that are available to Cadets that come to George Mason University.


The Color Guard presents our nation’s colors when the national anthem is sung or played. Our team is often asked to present our nation’s colors at events for our campus president, government events, and events held by well-known organizations. The benefits of being a member of Color Guard include accession points, training in military discipline and bearing, and drill and ceremony. Our Cadets often go above and beyond to accomplish the missions put forth, making the Color Guard a highly regarded team in the ROTC program. In order to participate, you need to have dedication, display an understanding of drill and ceremony, and actively participate.

Color Guard


George Mason Drill Team is a fairly new team of 20 cadets. Our main goal is to learn Army Drill and Ceremony while performing and representing our ROTC program. For those that are unfamiliar, Drill, and Ceremony encompass how soldiers work as a unit in military marching movements. Drill teams also play a major role in how the military is perceived. They demonstrate teamwork through discipline and military bearing. Our Drill Team specifically learns unarmed regulation drill, armed regulation drill, and precision rifle spinning. We also learn how to lead platoon-sized elements. Becoming part of this team is an experience that will build confidence in any cadet regardless of MS year. For those who are new to the Battalion, the Drill Team would be a great way to understand the military structure. Also, joining will be beneficial in gaining points towards accession packets. No prior experience is necessary, but individuals must be committed and team-oriented.

Drill Team



Mason’s Ranger Challenge Team is a team that competes against other schools in a variety of physically and mentally challenging events.  The 4th Brigade Ranger Challenge Competition, which typically takes place in October, is a two-day competition with 40 total teams.  Events have included: Day and night land navigation, written exams, the Army Physical Fitness Test, rope bridge, weapons assembly/disassembly, first aid scenarios, as well as other events.  During day 2 of the competition, teams ruck march between events and cover over 8 miles of rucking.  Our RC Team has averaged over 300 on the APFT and are all exceptional ruckers.  Prior to the competition, the team practices 5 or more days a week with physical and technical training.  RC is not for everyone, but those who survive the cut prove to be selfless individuals that place the team above themselves.  The camaraderie, domain knowledge and physical toughness gained through RC are all extremely rewarding.  In addition, team members improve their chances of getting a slot to Airborne or Air Assault School.  Those individuals who desire to challenge themselves and to be a part of a team are encouraged to tryout in the  Fall.

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The Patriot Battalion participates in many long-distance running events such as marathons and races. The biggest one that the Cadets joined was the Army 10 Miler. Every year the Army Ten-Miler takes place in Washington D.C, starting at the Pentagon. The race begins at the Pentagon and stretches ten miles throughout scenic Washington D.C.  While our Cadets were running the race they experienced the monuments and running alongside thousands of other Americans including wounded warriors from our most recent wars.  During the event, Cadets ran together and bonded as they made their way through the city. Throughout the year, several other events open, and all cadets are offered the chance to participate as either a runner or a volunteer.