Confidence Training


The CWST (Combat Water Survival Training) is an exciting water-oriented event that occurs every semester. The training consists of 4 events: a 5 minute tread water, an equipment drop, a 3 meter drop, and a 10 minute swim. The tread water event consists of staying afloat for 5 minutes without touching the pool wall or receiving assistance. The equipment drop involves jumping off the side of the pool wearing an LBV (Load Bearing Vest). The Cadet must completely remove the LBV underwater before coming up for air. The 3 meter drop consists of walking blindfolded off of a 3 meter diving board holding a dummy M-16 rifle. Upon entering the water, the Cadet removes the blindfold and must swim to the side of the pool, keeping the rifle in hand and the muzzle out of the water the entire time. The 10 minute swim consists of swimming continuously for 10 minutes, without touching the pool wall or receiving assistance. Any swimming technique can be utilized, but the Cadets must be moving the entire time. This is a challenging event that tests the physical fitness and swimming abilities of Cadets. All Cadets must pass the CWST at least once before receiving a commission. The CWST is typically a fun, exciting event for the Cadets, and a nice change from normal PT.