Drill Team


George Mason Drill Team is a fairly new team of 20 cadets. Our main goal is to learn Army Drill and Ceremony while performing and representing our ROTC program. For those that are unfamiliar, Drill and Ceremony encompasses how soldiers work as a unit in military marching movements. Drill teams also play a major role in how the military is perceived. They demonstrate teamwork through discipline and military bearing. Our Drill Team specifically learns unarmed regulation drill, armed regulation drill, and precision rifle spinning. We also learn how to lead platoon- sized elements. Becoming part of this team is an experience that will build confidence in any cadet regardless of MS year. For those who are new to the Battalion, the Drill Team would be a great way to understand military structure. Also, joining will be beneficial in gaining points towards accessions packets. No prior experience is necessary, but individuals must be committed and team oriented.