Fall FTX


The fall FTX is the first field training event of the school year. The FTX is a three day training event designed to challenge the leadership skills of and prepare MSIIIs leadership for LDAC. The FTX also introduces new MSIs and MSIIs to basic soldier skills and squad training exercises. In addition the FTX provides the MSIV class the opportunity to plan, rehearse and execute a multi-day training event.

The first day of the 2011 FTX was composed of exciting training. The entire Patriot battalion was familiarized and zeroed on the M16 rifle. Concurrently the MSIII class conducted a written land navigation test in addition to STX and patrol lanes. The evening activities consisted of patrol base operations and field craft classes.

The second training day was devoted to developing land navigation skills by requiring the MSIII class to complete two iterations of day land navigation with a standard of 5/8 points and one-iteration of night land navigation with a standard of 3/5 points. The MSIs and MSIIs are required to meet the same standard with the exception of only completing one iteration of day land navigation. MSIs and MSIIs also trained on the obstacle course and were given an introduction to MOUT training.

The third training day consists of a motivating 8K road march in which the MSIII class led their peers with cadences during the final miles of their march.