The Patriot Battalion


Develop your leadership skills and graduate as a commissioned officer in the U.S. Army through our nationally-acclaimed ROTC program, the Patriot Battalion.



Why join George Mason Army ROTC?


Leadership & Management training

Full tuition scholarship

Commissioned as a 2nd Lieutenant

You receive world-class leadership and management training that can be completed in conjunction with your chosen major.

The ROTC is the nation’s largest source of merit-based college scholarships, which covers the full cost of tuition.

You’ll be commissioned as a 2nd Lieutenant the day you graduate and earn up to $68,000 within your first four years of service.

Complete in 2 years

Stipend support

Reserves or National Guard soldiers can complete the ROTC program in two years while serving with your unit.

You receive a tax-free stipend each academic month that tops out at $420 flat rate, plus an allowance for books.