Ranger Challenge


Mason’s Ranger Challenge Team is a team that competes against other schools in a variety of physically and mentally challenging events.  The 4th Brigade Ranger Challenge Competition, which typically takes place in October, is a two day competition with 40 total teams.  Events have included: Day and night land navigation, written exams, the Army Physical Fitness Test, rope bridge, weapons assembly/disassembly, first aid scenarios, as well as other events.  During day 2 of the competition, teams ruck march between events and cover over 8 miles of rucking.  Our RC Team has averaged over 300 on the APFT and are all exceptional ruckers.  Prior to the competition, the team practices 5 or more days a week with physical and technical training.  RC is not for everyone, but those who survive the cut prove to be selfless individuals that place the team above themselves.  The camaraderie, domain knowledge and physical toughness gained through RC are all extremely rewarding.  In addition, team members improve their chances of getting a slot to Airborne or Air Assault School.  Those individuals who desire to challenge themselves and to be a part of a team are encouraged to tryout this Fall.