I joined ROTC, and specifically GMU AROTC largely because I come from a multi-generational family of Army Officers and as such, I have always admired and been attracted to the Army. I grew up loving the discipline, camaraderie, and purpose that I saw in my family, as well as those who they served with. The satisfaction I saw in their job each and every day was unparalleled by any other civilian profession. I chose GMU because of the location, but also because I recognized that GMU’s program was high-caliber and reflected a very strong, experienced cadre, as well as a strong presence of prior enlisted personnel. Combined, these aspects demonstrated to me that GMU AROTC was a program truly focused on commissioning technically and tactically proficient warrior-leaders and preparing a diverse group of Cadets for leading Soldiers, both in combat and in garrison.

-Rob Cockerham, MS II

As a prior service member, I chose George Mason University because of the strong veteran presence on campus. The military services office and GMU ROTC provide a great environment for people who have served and are looking to assimilate back into civilian life or are looking for a great educational experience as they earn their degree and eventually a commission as an officer in the United States Army.

-Chase Neely, MS IV

I was a four-year national scholarship winner and my toughest choice was deciding where to go to school. I wanted a school with a great location, an attractive campus, and most importantly, an excellent ROTC program. Generally, it’s condescending to call a program “up and coming” but Mason’s program, by now, is well established. It has access to excellent facilities because Mason coordinates with ROTC and lots of places for good training.

-Rob Lee, MS II

I joined George Mason ROTC because I heard from friends and family that the army life was a good career to choose. At first I didn’t know how well the ROTC program was at George Mason University, but when I talked with all the cadre members as well as some cadets that were there in the ROTC offices at that time, I knew right then and there I wanted to be a part of it. It is an awesome experience learning how to lead your peers and others and develop yourself into someone you thought you couldn’t be. It is especially exciting to be a nurse at the same time because my ROTC studies and nursing classes sometimes overlap, I always feel like I can learn more and more every day. I would have liked to hear that ROTC was a fun, outdoor, and hands on experience because I didn’t know what to expect when I first came through the ROTC office. The cadre are very understanding of your academics and other priorities at the same time they enforce proper decision making skills and leadership roles. In the end I do not regret joining ROTC because it is a part of who I am.

–Daniel Ahn, MS III