Training Ops

Army ROTC offers a wide variety of training opportunities. These opportunities include Army schools, such as Airborne and Air Assault, special training programs, such as CULP and CTLT, and leader training programs, such as LDAC and LTC. Cadets worldwide compete for these highly valued slots.

Army Schools:
Airborne school: cadets complete 5 jumps out of a moving airplane.
Air Assault school: cadets learn to tie harnesses and safely rapel out of helicopters.
Mountain Warfare school: teaches cadets  tactical and technical skills used to manuever through mountainous terrain and engage in cold weather operations. 

Special Training:
Cultural Language Program (CULP): cadets travel to different parts of the world learning languages, customs, and helping in humanitarian efforts. 
Cadet Troop Leader Training (CTLT): cadets spend a couple of weeks shadowing real Platoon Leaders and taking charge of a unit. 

Leader Training Programs:
Leader’s Training Course (LTC): a 4 week accelerated course that can take place of the first 2 years of ROTC. 
Leadership Development and Assessment Course (LDAC): the culmination of everything learned in ROTC. It is a 29 day assessment course that all cadets must go through, most commonly between Junior and Senior year, that evaluates cadets on their leadership abilities and pins them against cadets all across the country.