Family and Alumni of George Mason University ROTC, if you are interested in contributing to the current GMU ROTC program in any capacity, or if you have been left off of this list and would like to be added, please contact us at 703-993-2706.

Alumni from the George Mason University Army ROTC include:

Class of 1998

LTC Jeffrey Levy

Class of 1997

LTC Michael Abel

Class of 1995

LTC Robert Hensley

LTC Bruce Weathers

Class of 1994

LTC Basil Cantanzaro

LTC Eugene Poindexter

Class of 1993

LTC Dennis Emmert

LTC Eric Watson

LTC Kevin Butler

LTC Michael Price

Class of 1992

LTC Edward Douglas

Class of 1991

LTC Robert Fisher

LTC Robert Hardy

Class of 1989

LTC Dewey Ochoa

LTC Mark O’Donnell

Class of 1987

COL Bruce Jenkins

COL Peter Beim

LTC Peter Kemp

Class of 1985

COL Henry Kievenaar

Class of 1984

MG Michael Bills

COL Bjarne Iverson

Class of 1981

LTC Jonathan Crosby

LTC James Ryan

COL Donald Nalls