Career Placement

All commissioned officers incur an initial six to eight-year obligation, depending on scholarships granted. ROTC Cadets have a choice of requesting Active Duty or Reserve Forces Duty. The difference between the two options is listed below:

  1. Active Duty – The first three to four years are served on active duty, with the remaining years served in Reserves/National Guard or the Individual Ready Reserves.

  2. Reserve Forces Duty (Army National Guard or U.S. Army Reserve) – Newly commissioned officers may enter active duty for approximately 90 days to attend a branch-specific Officer Basic Course and serve out the remainder of their six to eight year obligation in the Reserves while pursuing a civilian career. Cadets may choose to guarantee this option in the beginning of their junior or senior year.

Guaranteed Reserve Duty Forces (GRFD) Scholarship/Contract – Allows Cadets to decide to select Reserve/National Guard duty versus going Active Duty. Commitment is for 6 or 8 years, one weekend a month, and two weeks of annual training.

Reserve and National Guards Career Placement Opportunity – Officers have the added opportunity to interview with a local or national corporation for a potential career placement.

Newly commissioned officers of both Active and Reserves choose a career field in the Army, known as a “Branch.”