The Army’s top priority is the professional education of its soldiers, particularly its leaders. To this end, we offer full scholarships to those willing to serve the United States by becoming Army Officers. These prestigious scholarships are offered based on academic and personal achievement, not financial aid, to train young people worthy of leading America’s forces.

Army ROTC scholarships consist of:

  • Two-, three-, and four-year scholarship options based on the time remaining to complete your degree.

  • Full-tuition and mandatory fees scholarships.

  • The option for room and board in place of tuition, if qualified.

  • Monthly stipend $420 for all students. This stipend is also available to contracted and non-scholarship Cadets enrolled in the Advanced Course.)

  • $600 per semester for books.

There are two methods of earning an Army ROTC scholarship.  The first is to apply for the 4-Year National Scholarship.  The second is to apply for a campus-based scholarship. Students apply for the National Scholarship during their senior year of high school. Students can apply for the campus-based scholarship, which can be a two-four year scholarship based on how much time they have left to finish their degree, after enrolling at George Mason University, University of Mary Washington, Marymount University.

Achieving a U.S. Army ROTC scholarship is an auspicious attainment.  The Professor of Military Science makes the final selection for deserving scholarship-winners.  To qualify for a scholarship, students must fulfill all the physical and academic requirements for ROTC enrollment.

For information on scholarships, contact the ROTC Main Office.                                       ( or at 703-993-2706)

Guaranteed Reserve Duty Forces (GRFD) Scholarship/Contract – Allows Cadets to decide to select Reserve/National Guard duty versus going Active Duty. Commitment is for 6 or 8 years, one weekend a month, and two weeks of annual training.

Enlisted military personnel wishing to become officers can also earn scholarships through the Green to Gold Program

Veterans can use the G.I. Bill® at George Mason University. 

For students interested in applying for financial aid, please visit the Financial Aid Services.