Requirements for Commissioning

Class of 2021 Commissioning Ceremony at the World War II Memorial

The department of Military Science offers two, three, and four year programs that will qualify students for commissioning as a 2nd Lieutenant in the United States Army. General requirements for a commission include:

  1. Completion of the Military Science and Leadership Basic Course.

    • Four-Year Program – Complete 101/103, 102/103, 201/203, and 202/203 during the freshman and sophomore years.

    • Three-Year Program – Students who have less than four years to graduate and are accepted into the Military Science and Leadership program after their first term can complete the MLSC 100-level courses simultaneously with the MLSC 200-level courses as determined by the Professor of Military Science and Leadership.

    • Two-Year Program – Either prior military service, attendance to the five-week ROTC Basic Camp during the summer (between the sophomore and junior years), or executive waivers, will provide placement credit for the ROTC Military Science and Leadership Basic Course.

  2. Completion of the Military Science and Leadership Advanced Course:

    • Complete MLSC 301/303 and MLSC 302/303 during the junior year.

    • Attend a 35-day ROTC Advanced Camp during the summer between the junior and senior years or following the senior year.

    • Complete MLSC 401/403 and MLSC 402/403 during the senior year.

Patriot Battalion Commissioning Alumni

Class of 2022 May Commissioning Ceremony at the Arlington Army Navy Country Club
Class of 2022 August Commissioning Ceremony