What is Army ROTC?

Army ROTC (Reserve Officers’ Training Corps) is an academic elective offered at George Mason University, University of Mary Washington, Marymount University, and Northern Virginia Community College. Army ROTC combines courses in military science with practical leadership training to prepare men and women for success in college and as leaders in the Army, or in the profession of their choice.

How can Army ROTC benefit me?

By participating in ROTC training, you will gain a high degree of confidence and self-discipline, and acquire leadership skills and experience which will enhance individual employment skills. In addition, you will earn opportunities for Service-to-Country as an officer, either full-time on Active Duty, or part-time in the Reserves or National Guard as you pursue your civilian career.

How do ROTC courses fit in?

All military science courses are accepted by the universities as electives. Freshman and sophomores can try Army ROTC during the first two years without obligation. The program involves classroom instruction, a weekly leadership lab and early morning physical training activities.

How can ROTC financially help (Scholarships/Other Financial Incentives)?

Army ROTC offers several opportunities to earn Campus-Based scholarships that pay full tuition and fees at George Mason University, University of Mary Washington, and Marymount University. As a high school student, you may compete for a 4-year award. Once on campus, you may apply for a 3-year or 2-year award. Scholarships pay full tuition and fees at George Mason University, University of Mary Washington, and Marymount University, plus $1,200 annually for books and a $3,000-$5,000 annual living allowance.

What else does the program offer?

As a student enrolled in ROTC, you are eligible to participate in a challenging physical training program to improve strength, flexibility and endurance. The physical training activities, conducted three times a week, promote fitness, fun and camaraderie.

Army ROTC Cadets put their leadership studies into action during scheduled training exercises during the (freshman to junior years), and a five week Advanced Camp during the summer of their junior year that will evaluate the Cadet compared to their peers. Graduate students can also qualify!

Students also have the opportunities to attend special training during the summer of their sophomore year at the Army’s Airborne, Air Assault or Northern Warfare School.   Additionally, there are many other opportunities.

How do I get into the Army ROTC program?

Students enroll in ROTC classes when they register, just like any other college course. As a first semester freshman, you would take Military Science 101 and 103 (Lab).  As a sophomore to graduate student, please call the Military Science Department at (703)-993-2706 for further guidance.

Students may qualify to enter the Advanced Course by completing either the basic courses on campus, or a five-week paid summer leadership program called Leader Training Course.  Undergraduate and Graduate students qualify!

Veterans, Reservists and National Guard soldiers may qualify to enter directly into the Advanced Course.

What is the obligation?

Introductory basic courses let you take a look at officer opportunities without obligation. Once you accept a scholarship or begin the Advanced Course, you make a commitment to serve as an officer on Active Duty, Reserve Duty, or National Guard when you graduate. This service commitment is a great opportunity. Not only do Army Lieutenants earn an above average income (Grade 01, 1 year service $78k in Northern Virginia), but they gain significant levels of responsibility from their first days on the job. For those who eventually leave the Army for a civilian career, this work experience is extremely valuable in the civilian job market. All officers obtain a Secret Clearance and some even attain a Top Secret Clearance depending on branch. Military service also provides priority of hire to governmental agencies and departments!